Cocktail Bar

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Cocktail Bar

Our GastroBar and the Terrace Chill out place cocktails and creative tapas at your disposal, a memorable experience on the Costa del Sol.

If you want to spend an afternoon alone or in the company of your friends, you can enjoy our coffees, chocolates, teas and shakes.

Remember that at the 50's Cocktail Bar you will always feel accompanied. The nightlife is enlivened by a live singer with a wide repertoire.

Imagination and excellence our points of reference.

Carta digital de bebidas


Sin alcohol 6,00€
Mojito moruno 6,00€
Mojito 7,90€
Piña Colada 7,90€
Tequila Sunrise 7,90€
Sex On The Beach 7,90€
Daiquiri 7,90€
Bahama Mama 7,90€
Paraíso Azul 7,90€
Sabrina Exotic 7,90€
Russian Vanilla 7,90€
Screw Driver 7,90€
Bloody Mary 7,90€
Caipirinha 7,90€
Cosmopolitan 7,90€
Caipiroska 7,90€
Piruleta 8,90€
Blue Hawaii 8,90€
Hot Banana 8,90€
Margarita 8,90€
Ibiza 8,90€
Niña Bonita 8,90€
Jen Cocktail 8,90€
Mai Tai 8,90€
Long Island Ice Tea 8,90€
Sex in Torremolinos 8,90€
Cubalibre original 8,90€
(*) Dependiendo del ron o la ginebra puede variar el precio
Depending on the rum or gin, the price may vary

Irlandés (Whisky) 5,00€
Jamaicano (Tía María) 5,00€
Cubanito (Ron) 5,00€
Pasión (Baileys Irish Cream) 5,00€
Café Años 50 5,50€
Combinados nacionales 7,90€
Combinados Premium a partir de 9,00€
Vodka Belvedere 12,00€

Vainilla, fresa o chocolate / Vanilla, strawberry or chocolate 5,50€
Yogur seco: mango o maracuyá / Yogurt: mango or passion fruit 6,90€
Frutas naturales / Fresh fruits 6,90€
Galleta Oreo con nata / Cookie Oreo with cream 6,90€
Tutti frutti 6,90€
Mango y dulce de leche 6,90€
Aguacate y nueces / Avocado and Nuts 7,90

Juve Massana Semi Seco 20€
Freixenet Mini Nevada 25€
Freixenet Brut Barroco 28€
Platinum 33€
Juvé y Camps, Reserva Familiar 49€
Freixenet Elyssia 45€
Veuve Clicquot Brut 135€
Veuve Clicquot Rosé 150€
Möet Chandon Imperial 110€
Möet Chandon Ice Imperial 130€
Möet Chandon Imperial Rose 140€
Möet Chandon N.I.R 180€